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  • Paper Airplane Machine Gun!


    Well this certainly is neat. No idea how it works but holy cow is it cool!

  • 3 Piece 1 Screw Stool



    Beautifully designed simple stool and end table that comes flat-packed and assembled with one butterfly screw. Couldn’t be simpler. That’s design!

    Designer by: Zanocchi & Starke



  • The Vacimi Cooking Collection


    This is a neat solution for organizing all your cookware into a smaller footprint in your kitchen cabinets. Not only is this a clean solution for the pots but I’m a big fan of this product because it addresses the problem of organizing the lids also.

    The bottoms of the pans also feature a diamond pattern which works to evenly distribute the flame as well as a flip up section to the lid to control steam.


  • Wingboard – The Next Extreme Sport?


    Here’s a new concept called Wingboard – which seems absolutely insane. But this is a great example of when having a model goes a long way. The following video is a scale model which makes the concept seem way more plausible when you consider the other extreme sports that exist. With a few safety redundancies, it really wouldn’t be all that different from para-sailing.

    Would I try it?

    HECK NO!

  • Mighty Mug Kickstarter


    This is a neat Kickstarter campaign well on its way into being funded. It’s called Might Mug – a mug that resists being knocked over.



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  • School Safety Innovation

    Here are two original, simple and innovative solutions to school safety concerns with the rise in school shootings.

    Fox 2 News Headlines

  • Fire Extinguisher Design by Hwang Jong Gyu, Lee Sung-ho and Choe Heun Guk

    This is a neat fire extinguisher design that combines the extinguisher itself with a breather, emergency communicator and flashlight – all things that would be quite handy during a fire and can very directly save lives. Great idea as well as execution.


  • Festool’s CT Wings

    Now this is one handy invention!


  • Holla by Mithun Darji


    Wearables are the hot thing right now and this nifty design combines two in a compact and clean package. I have never and probably will never use a Bluetooth headset but if I were, I’d pick this one.


  • Teague x Sizemore Denny Bike

    Another fantastic bike design out of the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project! This one is full of utility! My favorite part is that the handlebars come off and are act as the U-lock to secure the bike when parked.

    SEA: TEAGUE X SIZEMORE BICYCLE’S DENNY from oregon manifest on Vimeo.