Your product creation and design source for marketable and manufaturable prototypes
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Concept Generation:

The idea is assessed using Ideation Internationalís TRIZ Ideation Software to fully identify all potential intellectual property. Then we brainstorm and begin to sketch it out.

Market Research:

We seek out non-biased perspectives on the idea in the interest of identifying faults and zeroing in on ideas for improvement.


With the aid of Dassault Systemes powerful design software, CATIA, construction begins on a virtual model. With this tool we can also investigate production strategies and user interface.

Virtual Prototype:

CATIAís unparalleled capability to simulate operation is put to use to investigate feasibility in early stages of development. This saves time and expense by pushing back the need for physical prototypes until later in the cycle when the design is more fully developed.

Scale Model:

A physical representation of the design is created to provide new insights and perspectives on the design.

Initial Prototype:

A physical mock-up is created by The Henry Ford Model Makerís Club using the facilites made available by TechShop Detroit.

Market Feedback:

We verify that the products meets the goals derived from the initial market research and the design is desirable by potential customers.


Enhancments are made to the design to improve its function and appeal based on market feedback and prototype performance.

Functional Prototype:

The culmination of the project; a fully functional prototype. It can be used to go into production, sell the product to a company or be used for long term studies of the products endurance and performance.