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Wingboard – The Next Extreme Sport?


Here’s a new concept called Wingboard – which seems absolutely insane. But this is a great example of when having a model goes a long way. The following video is a scale model which makes the concept seem way more plausible when you consider the other extreme sports that exist. With a few safety redundancies, it really wouldn’t be all that different from para-sailing.

Would I try it?


Mighty Mug Kickstarter


This is a neat Kickstarter campaign well on its way into being funded. It’s called Might Mug – a mug that resists being knocked over.



Got an idea like this that you’d like to get on Kickstarter? Tell us about it and we’ll help you design and prototype it!

Holla by Mithun Darji


Wearables are the hot thing right now and this nifty design combines two in a compact and clean package. I have never and probably will never use a Bluetooth headset but if I were, I’d pick this one.


Queen’s Baton


4c Design’s baton for the XX Commonwealth Games combines cutting-edge 3D-printed titanium with a millennium-old woodworking technique and is absolutely stunning!